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Masonry Rest​oration​ and Tuckpointing Contractor



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We Can help you remove those "White Stains" from your masonry walls


Efflorescence is more commonly known as the "white stuff" on bricks and masonry. Efflorescence is mineral deposits on the outside of masonry. It is a sign that there is water infiltration happening in the masonry. As the water evaporates out of the masonry it pulls the minerals within the masonry itself and the mortar onto the surface of the brick. Efflorescence can be easily removed by Bruno Construction, but to prevent it from returning we must find out how the water entered into the masonry in the first place. Tuckpointing, caulking or sealing may be needed. Give Bruno Construction a call and we can not only remove the efflorescence for you, but can help prevent the stains from returning. You may also want to look into powerwashing to clean your masonry.

Commercial & Residential


"The White stuff" on brick & masonry. Not many people know what is it, but its called efflorescence and it's just mineral deposits on your brick and masonry.

Efflorescence can show up on the exterior of the wall or even the interior. Its a sign that there is water in the wall. Removing and cleaning the efflorescence off is only part of the solution. Preventing the water from entering the masonry wall must be the primary purpose.