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Masonry Rest​oration​ and Tuckpointing Contractor


BRUNO CONSTRUCTION Tuckpointing & Masonry

We Can Obtain your Building Permits


Every City and Village has different regulations. We can help answer your questions as to whether or not a permit is required. When a permit is required there is no need to worry. Bruno Construction can not only complete the work for you, but also obtain the necessary permits for the work so that fines and fees can be avoided.

Allowing any contractor to perform any work on your building without a required permit becomes the legal and financial responsibility of the building owner(s). Do not let this happen to you. If a permit is required and the contractor tells you otherwise please contact the Building Department within your area to check for yourself. Permits are almost always required and are the responsibility of the building owner. This means that if work is done without a permit, and an inspector gives a violation, then it is the building owner that will have to deal with this issue. Let Bruno Construction take this hassle away from you. We can obtain your permit for you and provide you with the original copy for your records. The original permit must always be present on the job-site per codes and this is the permit you will need to possible get a "sign-off" from a City Inspector. Make sure you see the permit prior to work starting on your project. You can also check with the City or Village to make sure the permit was pulled by either calling or checking on-line. Permits are typically required for tuckpointing, lintel replacement or any brickwork, but this depends on the Village the building is located in. In the City of Chicago permits for grinding, tuckpointing, lintel replacement or any brick work are ALWAYS REQUIRED by The Building Department.