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Interior & Exterior Sandblasting Services in Chicago & Suburbs

SandBlasting &

Paint Removal Contractor

Sandblasting is not an easy process, but Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc can get it done for you. We Recommend trying other methods prior to sandblasting to clean your masonry. Sandblasting is usually used to remove paint and coatings off of masonry walls like brick, block or stone. It is a very dangerous process and produces a lot of debris. Sand like particles are projected using air at high pressure. The particles move at such a high rate of speed that once they hit the masonry will rip off the paint and coatings. The particles used can be corn cob, baking soda walnut shells glass and more. We will help you determine the right aggregate to use. . Permits for this type of work are usually required and Sandblasting does pose health hazards that must be addressed prior to the start of any project.

If you are looking for a sandblasting contractor in the Chicago-land area then trust Bruno Construction Masonry Inc. to get the job done for you. Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc. has been a masonry and tuckpointing contractor since 1984. One of the services is sandblasting. We can explain the process to the customer and let them what to expect during the process and after. We typically recommend tuckpointing the wall after sandblasting, whether it is brick, block or stone. Sandblasting not only removes the paint and coating off the wall, but opens up the masonry joints, which then would need to be tuckpointed to seal them and make the wall water tight. There is always the chance that the building will need to be sealed after the sandblasting is complete. This again is to ensure the building is water tight. Sandblasting brick, block or stone, may also damage the face of the masonry unit. This all depends on the condition of the brick prior to the sandblasting being performed and how hard the masonry units are. Pitting is a common issue to deal with after the sandblasting is complete. No need to worry. Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc is a trusted sandblasting contractor and will explain everything to you during the initial estimate so you are aware of what to expect.

Proper clothing and protection is needed for removing any type of paint or coatings of masonry walls.

Special permits and protection are required for sandblasting, which Bruno Construction can obtain and provide.

This building was covered from top to bottom with scaffolding and screening to help control the dust.

4 coats of paint were removed by sandblasting off this common brick exterior wall on a commercial building in downtown Chicago.

From time to time a building or structure does need to be cleaned. It can be because of paint, graffiti or simply from pollutants in the air that land on your building. Power washing is just a term meaning the water is pressurized. There are different ways of cleaning different stains on brick and masonry. The easiest way, but usually is not enough, is simple power washing. Usually we use water that is put through a machine and comes out with a 5000 p.s.i. pressure. Sometimes this works, but for stubborn stain we need to use certain chemicals in order to help the water do its job. For paint there are even stronger strippers that we use. What ever your stains may be from, we will let you know what needs to be done and the cost associated with it. There are even times when washing a building is simply not enough. All this will be explained prior to any contract signing and definitely before any work starts. When it comes to power washing, chemical cleaning or sandblasting we can do it all for you.